Originally opened as the La Taberna Gitana in 1949, Tablao Torres Bermejas is one of the first flamenco venues in Madrid. It was modeled after the halls of Alahambra, Granada, and has a distinct Arabian aesthetic. It has staged performances from flamenco artists like El Güito, Niño Ricardo, José Mercé, Mario Maya, Chato de la Isla, Juan Habichuela Nieto, Manolo Caracol, and many others. It has the distinction of being the only tablao where the iconic Camarón de la Isla performed.

The Flamenco Show at Torres Bermejas is a wonderful ode to the long history of the venue, showcasing both the range of what flamenco has to offer and the rich culture of decades past.

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About Tablao Torres Bermejas

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  • The seating at Tablao Torres Bermejas is organized like a standard restaurant, with tables and chairs in a grid-like format.
  • Ticket options range from a complimentary drink to a full dining experience. The latter is usually closer to the stage.
  • Some sections might face sightline restrictions owing to the grid setup and interiors filled with pillars. The seats near the stage, particularly right in front of it, offer the best views.
  • All seats offer decent legroom and comfort.

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  • Address: C. de Mesonero Romanos, 11, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain.
  • Bus: The nearest stop is Gran Vía - Callao which services lines 001, 1, 2, 3, 46, 74, 146, N16, N18, N19, N20, and N21.
  • Metro: The nearest station is Callao, servicing lines 3 and 5.
  • Car: The venue is in the busy theater district, so parking isn't always easy to find. If you choose to drive down, the nearest garages are Callao Smart Parking and Onepark - Estacionamiento Madrid.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The subway is quick, cheap, and stops next to the venue.

Frequently asked questions about Tablao Torres Bermejas

How old is the Tablao Torres Bermejas?

The venue is 64 years old.

When was Tablao Torres Bermejas built?

The original venue, La Taberna Gitana. opened in 1949, It was refurbished and reopened in 1960.

What is Tablao Torres Bermejas named after?

The venue is modeled after the Torres Bermejas or "Crimson Towers" of Granada's Alhambra.

What is the address of Tablao Torres Bermejas?

C. de Mesonero Romanos, 11, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain.

How do I reach Tablao Torres Bermejas?

The subway stops right by the venue.

How many seats are in Tablao Torres Bermejas?

The venue has a capacity of about 150.

Are children allowed at Tablao Torres Bermejas?

Yes, children up to age 3 may enter free for several shows at this venue. No patrons under 18 will be served alcohol.

Does Tablao Torres Bermejas have an elevator?

No, there are no elevators at this venue.

What shows have played at Tablao Torres Bermejas?

The venue hosts a variety of flamenco cycles with its current Flamenco Show being a highlight. It has previously hosted some of flamenco's greatest performers, most notably Camarón de la Isla who performed to a full house at the venue for over a decade.

Has the Flamenco Show always played at Tablao Torres Bermejas?

The venue has hosted flamenco shows since the '40s.

How long the Flamenco Show at Tablao Torres Bermejas?

The show runs for 1 to 2 hours.

What are the best seats in Tablao Torres Bermejas?

The seats directly in front of the stage offer the best views. The ones at the sides offer decent views as well.

What should I wear to Tablao Torres Bermejas?

The venue does not have a strict dress code but smart casuals are preferred.

How much do Tablao Torres Bermejas tickets cost?

Prices vary based on shows, dates, and seats. Tickets to the Torres Bermejas Flamenco Show start at €38.

Does Tablao Torres Bermejas have food?

The venue has a dining and drinks experience as part of some ticket options.

Are there any other dining options available near Tablao Torres Bermejas?

Madrid is filled with restaurants serving both local and international cuisines. If you want to indulge in Spanish culture, try Hielo y Carbon. Wok To Walk Chueca is great for Asian cuisine, Takos Al Pastor serves delicious Mexican food, and MU! El Placer de la Carne is perfect for anyone looking for Argentinian delights.

What are some attractions or things to do near Tablao Torres Bermejas?

There are several culturally and historically significant sights to see around this venue. Some notable ones include the Cervantes Monument, dedicated to the author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, and the Royal Palace of Madrid. Several Plazas and cultural centers also surround this venue.