One of the oldest cities in the world, Malaga owes its fame to the painter, Pablo Picasso. But it is more than just that. Streets that hum the souflul strains of flamenco and picturesque sunsets that light up performers clad in red, Malaga's beauty comes alive when it sings.

Ticket options
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Alegría Flamenco & Gastronomy
6:00pm & 8:00pm
1 hour
Adult Ticket (above 13 years): €28, Children (7 to 12 years): €18, Infants (under 6 years): €0
Málaga Club Flamenco Theatre
5:30pm, 7:00pm & 8:30pm
1 hour
Without drinks: €29, With drinks: €39

Why attend flamenco shows in Malaga?

Malagueña dance
  • Birthplace of 'Malagueña': Malaga is considered the birthplace of 'malagueña', a unique and passionate flamenco style. So, you'll be witnessing this art form at its source, experiencing the raw emotions and traditions passed down through generations.
  • World-class talent: Malaga attracts acclaimed flamenco artists, both veterans and rising stars. You'll have the opportunity to witness new stunning dancers, singers, and guitarists every week, showcasing their talent in intimate settings.
  • Historical & cultural relevance: Flamenco in Malaga isn't just a performance; it's a cultural experience. Explore historical tablaos, delve into the art form's history at museums, or take a flamenco class to get a deeper understanding of its essence.

Know before you attend flamenco shows in Malaga

Popular flamenco venues
Dress code
Insider tips

Tablao Alegría

Immerse yourself in 'Initiation to Flamenco' at Tablao Alegría, set in a historic building fusing traditional Spanish architecture with modern acoustics. It is the only tablao to focus on education and entertainment, where you can explore 50+ flamenco styles through interactive tours, offering an intimate setting for world-class performances and authentic cultural experiences.

Alegría Flamenco

In Málaga, Alegría Flamenco offers weekly flamenco shows with diverse performances and an Andalusian-inspired menu. With a 500-square-meter space comprising three rooms, including a terrace with views of the Pompidou Center views. Many renowned artists perform at this must-visit tablao, making it a cultural hotspot in the city.

Flamenco shows in Malaga timings
  • Start times: Flamenco shows in Malaga usually start in the evening, with many performances beginning around 6 PM. However, each show and venue may follow its own schedule.
  • Duration: Most flamenco shows typically last around 1 to 1.5 hours. Some flamenco shows offer dinner options as well, which may extend the overall duration of the experience.
dress code for flamenco shows in Malaga
  • There is no strict dress code for flamenco shows in Malaga. 
  • It’s advisable to dress up in smart-casuals, such as jeans, trousers, shirts and light blazers. Evening dresses, skirts, blouses and casual tops are also good options.
  • While there is no rigid dress code, you should pass up on overtly casual attire like flip flops or shorts as flamenco is a traditional art form that you are expected to dress up for.
flamenco show with food/dinner
  • Dinner options: Looking for the full flamenco experience in Malaga? Consider opting for tickets that offer dinner and drink packages and enjoy delicious local cuisine to enhance the authenticity of your evening.
  • Local cuisine: If your ticket doesn't include a meal, fear not! Malaga is brimming with restaurants offering authentic dishes from the local cuisine. From tantalizing tapas to savory seafood, indulge in the flavors that define this vibrant city.
flamenco show appreciation act
  • Photography and recording: Photography and recording of the performance is usually not allowed at most venues. 
  • Silence during performances: Flamenco is an intense and traditional art form which must be respected. It's customary to maintain respectful silence during the performance to appreciate the music and dance. Do remember to keep your phone on silent as well.
  • Show your appreciation: Give a warm round of applause at the end of the performance as a sign of your respect and enjoyment.
Book tickets online
  • Book tickets online: Flamenco show tickets may sell out, especially during peak tourist seasons. Book your tickets online in advance.
  • Observe the footwork: Pay close attention to the intricate footwork of the dancers, particularly the zapateo (fast footwork) and zapateado (heel stomping). Each step tells a story, so try to decipher the emotions they convey.
  • Flamenco schools and workshops: Immerse yourself deeper by participating in a flamenco class or workshop offered by local schools.
  • Indulge in local wines: Malaga is famous for its sweet wines. Order a glass to complement your tapas and immerse yourself in the regional flavors of this city.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for recommendations: Locals are passionate about flamenco and love to share their favorite spots and hidden gems. Ask your hotel staff, waiters, or even shopkeepers for their suggestions.

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Frequently asked questions about flamenco shows in Malaga

How much does a flamenco show in Malaga cost?

Tickets from flamenco shows in Malaga can start anywhere from €20-25 and will vary depending on the ticket you choose. Flamenco shows with inclusions such as meals, drinks, and guided tours will cost more.

What are the highlights of a flamenco show in Malaga?

The highlights of a flamenco show in Malaga are authenticity, the local food and skilled performers.

Are meals included in a flamenco show in Malaga?

Not all flamenco shows include a meal. You must choose a show that clearly mentions that a meal or tapas is included.

What is the usual duration of a flamenco show in Malaga?

Flamenco shows in Malaga usually last around 1 to 1 and a half hours.

Are children allowed at flamenco shows in Malaga?

Most flamenco shows in Malaga are open to children, but it's important to check the age restrictions and guidelines of the specific show and venue before you book your tickets.

Is there a dress code for attending flamenco shows in Malaga?

There's no specific dress code for attending flamenco shows, however, it's best to dress in smart casuals or semi-formal clothing. Avoid overtly casual clothing like shorts and flip-flops.

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