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Flamenco shows in Valencia

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el toro y la luna - flamenco show-1
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-2
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-3
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-4
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-5
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-6
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-7
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-8
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-1
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-2
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-3
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-4
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-5
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-6
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-7
el toro y la luna - flamenco show-8

El Toro y la Luna Flamenco Show

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1 hr. - 3 hr.
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  • Highlight reel: Indulge in 80+ years of stage mastery at El Toro y la Luna Tablao, where national flamenco stars create an intimate spectacle. A show seasoned with brilliance!
  • Maestros in motion: Directed by Pepe and Maribel, the show takes you through Flamenco's rich history and soulful melodies.
  • A fusion of art forms: Witness a tapestry of exotic dances from zambras and tangos to rumbas and sevillanas. The cherry on top? Dance alongside the very artists!
  • Add-ons: Savor the best of Spain as flamenco meets gastronomy in a fiery dance of flavors. Upgrade to relish delicious dinner or drinks during the show!

El Toro y la Luna Tablao Valencia

  • Signature touch: Indulge in Spanish delicacies and drinks at the venue’s cozy restaurant, the perfect sidekick to a soulful flamenco performance and a feast for the senses!
  • History heartbeat: Take a step back in time with sepia-soaked pictures of legends like Mick Jagger, Frank Sinatra, and Lex Barker adorning the stage walls.
  • El Toro y la Luna Tablao Valencia
  • Gourmet dinner (optional)
  • Drinks (optional)
  • Facilities: Bar, Restaurant, Restrooms
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible

You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

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Valencia, the city of "valor" and a vibrant cultural hub has been a melting pot of influences from Moorish, Castillian, Jewish, and Romani traditions for over 2,000 years. When paired with flamenco, an art form that represents passion, emotion, and the human spirit, one finds a match made in heaven.

Ticket options & prices for top flamenco shows

Ticket Options
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7:30pm, 8:30pm & 10:30pm
1 to 3 hours
Show with Drink: Entry to El Toro y la Luna with reserved seating and a drink, Show with Dinner: Entry to El Toro y la Luna with reserved seating and gourmet dinner

Why attend flamenco shows in Valencia?

Flamenco in Valencia
  • Valencian "duende": Flamenco thrives on duende, a raw, emotional energy that captivates the audience. Flamenco in Valencia adds a pinch of Mediterranean temperament to this mix, infusing the performances with a vibrant intensity and sensuality.
  • Fusion with local rhythms: Valencia's flamenco scene isn't afraid to experiment. Local rhythms like the "jota valenciana" and "albada" are sometimes incorporated into traditional flamenco palos (rhythms and styles), creating a fusion that's both fresh and respectful of the art form's heritage.
  • Traditional and in vogue: Flamenco shows in Valencia are always unique. For instance, in Tablao flamenco, the art form is presented in a more formal theatrical setting with professional musicians, stunning costumes, and excellent choreography. Also, be prepared to see a range of flamenco styles, from the trendy 'fandangos' to the classic 'bulerías'.

Know before you attend flamenco shows in Valencia

Popular flamenco venues
Dress code
Insider tips

Café del Duende

Experience live renditions of traditional flamenco performances in a relaxed setting.

La Bulería Tablao Flamenco

Visit this intimate Spanish eatery with a cozy ambience for a phenomenal flamenco show.

Tablao Flamenco Valencia El Toro y La Luna

Experience flamenco along with Spanish cuisine and sangria in a vibrant setting.

Palosanto Tablao Flamenco

Drop into this contemporary venue where passion and emotion intertwine in an unparalleled show.

  • Most tablaos (flamenco performance venues) have one or two shows per night, starting around 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm. Some venues may also have lunchtime shows on weekends.
  • Shows typically last for around 1-1.5 hours.
  • Some venues offer dinner or drinks packages with their shows.
Dress code

For flamenco shows in Valencia, aim for smart casual or semi-formal attire, similar to dressing for a nice dinner out. Here's what to wear:


  • Dresses: Choose tasteful options, avoiding casual or revealing styles.
  • Pants and blouse: Opt for stylish pants and a flattering blouse.
  • Skirts: Knee-length or longer skirts are ideal.
  • Accessories: Add flair with jewelry or a clutch purse.


  • Pants and shirt: Stick to dress pants and a button-down shirt.
  • Chinos and polo shirt: A slightly relaxed alternative.
  • Blazer: Elevate your look, especially for upscale venues.
  • Shoes: Leather footwear is best, but nice sneakers can also work.
  • Casa Manolo: A Michelin-starred restaurant which is a short walk from La Bulería, offering exquisite Valencian cuisine with a modern twist. Savor dishes like "arroz meloso de bogavante" (creamy rice with lobster) or "carnes a la brasa" (grilled meats) in a sophisticated setting.
  • Restaurante Navarro: Traditional Valencian cuisine with a modern twist. Located just a few steps from La Bulería, this restaurant is a great option for a pre-show meal. They have a wide variety of dishes on the menu, including paellas, tapas, and fresh seafood.
  • Restaurante La Lola: Located right next to El Toro y La Luna, this charming restaurant makes it the perfect spot for a pre-show dinner. They have a menu of traditional Valencian cuisine, as well as a few international dishes.
  • Take pictures and videos with discretion: Some venues allow photography and videography, while others don't. Check the venue's policy beforehand, and if permitted, be mindful of using flash or capturing close-ups that might distract the performers or other audience members.
  • Leave promptly: Once the show concludes, avoid lingering in the venue for too long, especially if there's another show following yours. Allow the next group of audience members to enter and settle in comfortably.
  • Tap your feet, not your phone: Ditch the screens and let the rhythmic stomping ignite your soul. Tap along discreetly, adding to the collective energy.
  • Cheers to the cantaores: Raise a toast (silently, of course) to the powerful voices that give life to the flamenco spirit. Their passion deserves a silent salute.
  • Embrace the palmas: Don't be shy! Learn the basic clapping patterns and join the rhythmic chorus. You'll be part of the show, not just a spectator.
Insider tips
  • Intimate tablaos vs. grand theaters: Valencia has both intimate tablaos and grand theaters showcasing flamenco. Tablaos generally offer a more authentic and up-close experience, while theaters provide a more formal setting with potentially bigger productions. Choose what suits your preference for atmosphere and budget.
  • Top-rated tablaos: Some highly-rated tablaos include La Bulería (known for its intimate ambience), El Toro y la Luna (combining flamenco with a vibrant setting), and Palosanto Tablao Flamenco (praised for its quality performances).
  • Check the program: See if the venue features baile (dance), cante (singing), or both. Some tablaos focus on specific flamenco styles or artists, so pick one that aligns with your interests.
  • Show timings: Shows typically take place in the evenings, usually starting around 8-9 PM. Arrive early to grab a good seat and soak in the pre-show ambiance.
  • Explore the El Carmen neighborhood: This historic district is known for its lively flamenco scene. Stroll through its narrow streets, peek into tablaos, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

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Frequently asked questions about flamenco shows in Valencia

How much does a flamenco show in Valencia cost?

Tickets from flamenco shows in Valencia can start anywhere from €18 and will vary depending on the ticket you choose. Flamenco shows with inclusions such as meals, drinks, and guided tours will cost more.

Where can I watch an authentic flamenco show in Valencia?

Valencia has a plethora of venues that have authentic flamenco performances. Some of the most famous venues are La Bulería, Palosanto Tablao Flamenco, Café del Duende, and El Toro y La Luna.

What are the highlights of a flamenco show in Valencia?

The highlights of a flamenco show in Valencia are a stunning atmosphere, precise and fluent Footwork, and some delicious food.

Are meals included in a flamenco show in Valencia?

Not all flamenco shows in Valencia include meals. Some venues offer shows with just drinks, while others have packages with dinner or tapas included. Be sure to check the specific show details before booking.

What is the usual duration of a flamenco show in Valencia?

Most flamenco shows in Valencia last between 60 and 75 minutes. Some dinner shows may be slightly longer.

Are children allowed at flamenco shows in Valencia?

Generally, yes! Children are welcome at most flamenco shows in Valencia. Some venues even offer special rates for children. However, keep in mind that the passionate nature of flamenco might not appeal to all young children.

Is there a dress code for attending flamenco shows in Valencia?

There's no strict dress code for flamenco shows in Valencia. However, dressing smart casual is recommended. Avoid overly casual attire like sportswear or beachwear. You can also embrace the Spanish flair by wearing something slightly festive.