Located in the Ramblas, one of Barcelona's cultural and social hubs, Polioroma Theater is one of the city's oldest venues and is a testament and homage to Catalan culture. It opened in 1899 as a cinema inside the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona building and was later inaugurated as a theater in 1906.

More recently, it has been renovated and is now one of the city's most elegant performance venues, staging a variety of theatrical and flamenco shows. Its current offering, Gran Gala Flamenco, is considered one of the best in the genre.

705 Seats

Wheelchair Accessible


About Poliorama Theater

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  • The Poliorama Theater has historically had a capacity of around 630, with a current maximum capacity of 705.
  • The space is split across an Orchestra and a Balcony section.
  • The Orchestra space offers a more intimate, immersive experience closer to the stage. While the rear seats might incur some sightline restrictions, the section is mildly raked to allow for better visibility.
  • The Balcony provides an elevated view, better suited to larger ensemble acts that use the breadth of the stage.
  • The front-row seats in both sections provide the best legroom.

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  • Address: Rambla dels Estudis, 115, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
  • Bus: Multiple stops line the La Rambla street. The nearest stop is La Rambla - Pl Catalunya which services lines 59, N9, and V13. Line 120 also goes by the venue with stops on C. dels Àngels, the nearest being Pl dels Àngels. Barcelona's bus network is wheelchair-accessible.
  • Subway and train: The nearest station is Plaça de Catalunya which services train lines R1, R3, R4, R7, S1, and S2 and subway lines L1, L3, L6, and L7.
  • Parking: The venue has parking but patrons may also use one of many garages nearby, including one on Carrer de la Canuda, just opposite the theater, if there aren't enough spaces available.
  • Electric car docks: Multiple charging stations are within walking distance, including a Tesla Destination Charger, Endesa X Charging Station, and Enel X Charging Station.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The bus is the most efficient and accessible way to reach this venue.

Frequently asked questions about Poliorama Theater

How old is Poliorama Theater in Barcelona?

The structure is 125 years old while the theater is 118 years old.

When was Poliorama Theater built?

The venue opened in 1899 as a cinema.

What is the address of Poliorama Theater?

Rambla dels Estudis, 115, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.

How do I reach Poliorama Theater?

The wheelchair-accessible bus routes in Barcelona are the best way to reach most destinations.

Who owns Poliorama Theater?

The venue is managed by Tres por 3, a coalition of Dagoll Dagom, Tricicle, and Anexa.

How many seats are in Poliorama Theater?

The venue has a capacity of about 705.

Are children allowed at Poliorama Theater?

Yes, patrons of all ages are welcome but the flamenco shows are suited for audiences aged 6 and up.

Does Poliorama Theater have an elevator?

The theater is on the ground floor and has accessible entry. The rest of the venue isn't accessible in all areas.

What shows have played at Poliorama Theater?

The venue began as a cinema, showing films like Joan of Arc (1900). It later operated as a Comedy Club. As a theater, it stages plays, musicals, and flamenco shows.

Has the Gran Gala Flamenco Show always played at Poliorama Theater?

The Gran Gala Flamenco Show has played for nearly two decades at various venues across Barcelona.

How long is the Gran Gala Flamenco Show at Poliorama Theater?

The show is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What are the best seats in Poliorama Theater?

The seats closer to the front in the middle are best when watching a flamenco show.

What should I wear to Poliorama Theater?

Patrons may come dressed comfortably, though smart casuals are preferred.

How much do Poliorama Theater tickets cost?

Prices vary based on shows, dates, seasons, and more. Tickets to the Poliorama Gran Gala Show start at €42.

Does Poliorama Theater have food?

The venue does not serve food or drinks. Patrons are allowed to bring bottled water with them, but no outside food.

Are there any other dining options available near Poliorama Theater?

Some of the best places nearby offer a range of items from local cuisine. These include Racó Bonsuccés and Casa de Vivi. For an actual bite of history, try the 1870 cafè Granja M. Viader. L'Ovella Negra Ramblas is perfect for a relaxed night out on the town, while Hard Rock Cafè is a good choice if you're already sampled the authentic taste of Barcelona and are in the mood for something different.

What are some attractions or things to do near Poliorama Theater?

There are an array of historical and cultural sights in the vicinity. For a bit of both, try Plaça de George Orwell, named for the novelist, or Plaça del Pi, a square run by local artisans. If you're a history buff, try the Barcelona History Museum, and for artists, there's the Mosaic of Joan Miró. For something more off-the-cuff, Barcelona's Erotic Museum is just around the corner. Some places are more inconspicuous, such as the tiny wooden turntable inlet at Barcelona's Baby Drop-off that once led to the House of Mercy that accepted everything from charitable donations to infants.