The Arenal Tablao is a fine-dining restaurant and flamenco performance venue founded in 1975 by Curro Vélez, a legendary dancer from Triana. It sits in the El Arenal neighborhood of Seville, named for its once-sandy riverbanks that have since transformed into a bustling tourist destination.

The tablao hosts double nightly flamenco shows under its Tablao El Arenal Flamenco Show banner, widely billed as some of Seville's best and most authentic flamenco performances.

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Tablao El Arenal Flamenco Show

Tablao El Arenal Flamenco Show


About The Arenal Tablao

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  • Capacity: The Arenal Tablao has a capacity of 110.
  • Main hall: Dining and flamenco mingle closely in this space, with the stage positioned front and center within the larger dining hall.
  • Best views: All seats get a good view of the performances, though the tables in the middle directly in front of the stage get the best views.
  • Bar: The rear section features bar-style seating at the bar counter.

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  • Address: C. Rodo, 7, Casco Antiguo, 41001 Sevilla, Spain
  • Bus: The nearest stop is Paseo de Colón (Plaza de Toros), which services lines 21, 40, 41, and A2. Larger hubs are at Estación de Autobuses de Sevilla.Est.Prado and Seville (Bus Station Plaza de Armas), servicing lines on the ALSA and FlixBus routes, respectively.
  • Tram: The nearest station is Puerta de Jerez, servicing line T1.
  • Subway: The nearest station is Puerta Jerez which services line L1.
  • Parking: There is no parking at this venue but patrons may park at garages within walking distance, like Parada Bus Discrecional and Parkplatz.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The subway and tram are quick, cost-efficient ways to reach the venue.

Frequently asked questions about The Arenal Tablao

How old is The Arenal Tablao?

The venue is nearly 50 years old, having opened in 1975.

What is The Arenal Tablao named after?

The venue is named after the historic area it is in, El Arenal. “Arenal” translates to sand, a name that comes from the region’s once sandy ports and riverbanks.

What is the address of The Arenal Tablao?

C. Rodo, 7, Casco Antiguo, 41001 Sevilla, Spain.

How do I reach The Arenal Tablao?

The tram and subway are great ways to reach the venue hassle-free.

Are children allowed at The Arenal Tablao?

Patrons of all ages are welcome.

How many seats are in The Arenal Tablao?

This venue can host about 110 people at a time.

What are the best seats in The Arenal Tablao?

The seats closer to the front in the middle of the section offer the best views, though some seats must be tilted to face the stage better. To avoid this caveat, try a seat in the rear section.

How much do The Arenal Tablao tickets cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of ticket. The Tablao El Arenal Flamenco Show tickets start at €42.

How long is the Flamenco Show at The Arenal Tablao?

There are two nightly shows at this venue that run for 60 minutes each.

What are some attractions or things to do near The Arenal Tablao?

The venue is in an area filled with studios and galleries, making it the perfect spot for art lovers. It is also home to historic buildings and lanes, including the archway at Arco del Postigo and the Manolo Vázquez monument. There are also museums, visitor centers, viewing points, and more along the Alfonso XIII Canal.