Tablao Cordobes is one of Barcelona’s most historic flamenco venues. Founded by flamenco legends Luis Adame and Irene Alba in 1970, the venue has hosted some of flamenco’s greatest performers and other famous personalities. Amid its culturally significant contributions to the art and the city, Tablao Cordobes also stages art festivals, award ceremonies, and remarkable flamenco performances including the current Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Show.

180 Seats

Wheelchair Accessible






About Tablao Cordobes Barcelona

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  • A small, intimate venue, Tablao Cordobes has a small capacity of up to 180 seats, located two flights of stairs up.
  • The seats are directly in front of the Tablao stage, so patrons are up close and personal with the flamenco performances.
  • Seats at the center and closer to the front offer unobstructed views. Seats toward the rear might not always offer the clearest view of the stage, since the venue is not raked.
  • Seats at the Tablao Cordobes cannot be booked in advance. The staff will assign seats to patrons upon arrival, but early arrivals tend to get better seats.
  • The seats are very closely packed when full so patrons cannot enter and exit once the show begins.
  • Tickets booked with dining options tend to receive better seating and have more legroom so patrons can enjoy their meals.
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating is provided via transfer seats. The staff is available to help patrons who require special assistance getting to their seats.

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  • Address: La Rambla, 35, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
  • Bike: The nearest electric bike station is at 55 – La Rambla/80. Patrons may park their bikes here before entering.
  • Bus: The nearest stop is the La Rambla - Plaça del Teatro which services lines 59 and V13.
  • Metro: Line 3 stops at subway stations Liceu and Drassanes.
  • Car: There are no street-level parking spots or local garages available. The area is usually crowded, so vehicles cannot stop at the venue entrance. Patrons are encouraged to use a hired service, like a taxi instead.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The bus or subway are the best options to reach the venue.

Frequently asked questions about Tablao Cordobes Barcelona

How old is the Tablao Cordobes in Barcelona?

The venue is 54 years old.

When was the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona built?

The venue was constructed in 1970.

What is the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona named after?

"Tablao" is a colloquial Spanish term for "floorboard," and is used to refer to the stage flamenco artists perform on. Tablaos cropped up all over Spain during the '60s, replacing earlier cabaret venues. The Tablao Cordobes in Barcelona blends the flamenco of Cordoba and Barcelona at a cultural hub where the performing arts have thrived for over half a century.

What is the address of the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

La Rambla, 35, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.

How do I reach the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

The tablao can be reached via bus or subway. Patrons may also bike over if they wish.

Who owns Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

The venue is owned by the family of flamenco legends Luis Adame and Irene Alba.

How many seats are in the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

The venue has a capacity of 180.

Are children allowed at the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

Children under the age of 4 are not permitted at this venue.

Does Tablao Cordobes Barcelona have an elevator?

There are no escalators or elevators at the venue. Wheelchair users can use an accessible lift to reach the second floor.

What shows have played at the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

The venue hosts numerous art and cultural festivals, flamenco awards, gastronomy tours, and other social and cultural events. It also stages flamenco shows throughout the day, with its current offering being the Flamenco Show which cycles performers every 2-3 weeks and features industry legends and upcoming young artists.

Has the Flamenco Show always played at the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

The show has been a fixture at the venue since the beginning, featuring some of flamenco's greatest performers.

How long is the Flamenco Show at Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

The show runs for about 1 hour.

What are the best seats in Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

Since it is a smaller, intimate venue, there aren't many bad seats in the house. But seats in the center and closer to the front will give you the best views of the stage.

What should I wear to Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

While there isn't a strict dress code, patrons are asked to wear smart casuals to the venue.

How much do Tablao Cordobes Barcelona tickets cost?

Prices vary based on show times and dates, season, dining options, and more. Tickets to the Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Show currently start at €47.

Does Tablao Cordobes Barcelona have food?

The venue offers a full dining and bar experience to patrons at an extra cost, to be purchased along with your show ticket.

Are there any other dining options available near the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

There is a wide range of cuisines to choose from near this venue. From local eateries like Güell Tapas Restaurant and Restaurant Amaya to cuisine-based ones like Restaurant Italià Rossini and Bombay Spicy, the area is full of dining options.

What are some attractions or things to do near the Tablao Cordobes Barcelona?

The venue is located in a culturally and historically significant region. Patrons may visit the nearby Güell Palace, an ornate mansion built with Gaudí architecture, the El Gat de Botero, a giant cat sculpture by Fernando Botero, or the Farolas Modernista de Gaudí, a wonderful spot to rest, grab an espresso, and indulge in the stunning displays of Gaudí's work.