El Toro y la Luna is named for the popular tale of "The Bull and the Moon," which has seen many renditions but ultimately speaks to a love so monumental it allowed the bull to reach his beloved moon. And this tablao speaks to the love of its patrons for flamenco, led by a family of performers who have nearly a century of years of experience between them.

95 Seats



Wheelchair Accessible

About El Toro y la Luna Tablao Valencia

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  • Seating capacity: The El Toro y la Luna Tablao Valencia can accommodate about just under 100 people per show.
  • A slice of old: The venue is small and intimate, with limited seating around a classic wooden stage. The chairs are generally placed around long tables to accommodate the tablao's dinner service.
  • Clear views: The table directly in front of the stage gets the clearest view of the performance, but be sure to sit on the side facing the stage. Other areas face partial obstructions on account of the pillars and angled seats.

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  • Address: Plaça del Mestre Ripoll, 13 -14, Algirós, 46022 València, Valencia, Spain
  • Bus: The nearest stop is Blasco Ibáñez (imparell) - José María Haro, which services lines 31 and 81 and stops right next to the venue.
  • Train: The nearest station is València Cabanyal which covers the C5, C6, MD, REG.EXP., and REGIONAL lines.
  • Parking: The nearest lots are the Eds Garage on Plaça Num and Onepark (at the Valencia Unversity campus).

Frequently asked questions about El Toro y la Luna Tablao Valencia

How old is El Toro y la Luna Tablao in Valencia?

The venue is a few decades old and was opened by flamenco performers Maribel and Pepe to provide a home for their family act. Their descendants continue to perform and run the space.

What is the address of `El Toro y la Luna Tablao in Valencia?

The tablao is at Plaça del Mestre Ripoll, 13 -14, Algirós, 46022 València, Valencia, Spain, easily reached by bus.

Is the El Toro y la Luna Tablao in Valencia accessible to patrons in wheelchairs?

The venue makes accommodations for patrons with limited mobility, including accessible seating.

Are children allowed at El Toro y la Luna Tablao in Valencia?

The venue welcomes patrons of all ages and serves a special children's menu.

What are the best seats in El Toro y la Luna Tablao in Valencia?

The venue's 95-seat capacity is spread across its dining area, featuring long tables and chairs in rows. Half of each table faces the stage, while the other half have their backs to the stage and need to turn to see the performance. You'll get the best views from the center table right in front of the stage.

How long is the City Hall Theatre Flamenco Show?

The show runs for at least an hour and lasts up to 3 hours.

How much do City Hall Theatre tickets cost?

Tickets to the El Toro y la Luna - Flamenco Show currently start at €18 and vary depending on ticket type, seating, and more.

What are some attractions or things to do near El Toro y la Luna Tablao in Valencia?

Historical landmarks, museums, galleries, and stunning natural sights surround the venue. For a look into Valencia's history, try Museu Històric Militar (a museum of Spanish military history) and Plaça de Bous de València (19th-century bullring and museum). For art loves, there's the 17th-century Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia and Museu Faller de València. If you're after a bit of whimsy, try the Gulliver Park (featuring a life-size sculpture of the man himself). Once you're all tuckered out, relax by the Platja de la Malva-rosa beach.