Flamenco de Leones is a performance and singing café on Madrid's Plaza de la Independencia, right by the Puerta de Alcalá monument. It is part of a group of venues that includes the Patio de Leones tavern, the Kave cocktail bar, the Lady Bongo Tiki bar, and the Ramsés restaurant, the latter named for the owner of these establishments, Ramsés Llovet Tarodo.

The Leones tablao is an ode to flamenco itself, constructed in the spirit of the original Café Cantantes where the concept of tablaos was born. Blending food, music, dance, and art, the space is a temple that honors Madrid's cultural heritage.

70 Seats

Wheelchair Accessible




About Flamenco de Leones

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  • The Ramsés group: The venue has multiple areas: the Main Flamenco room (Flamenco Principal), the Lord's Room, (l Salón del Señorito), and the Great Hall (El Gran Salón). It also includes the Tabanco (El Tabanco).
  • Main tablao: The Main Flamenco room is where the performances take place. It sits on the first floor, above the Ramsés restaurant, and can accommodate around 70 people.
  • Secondary tablao: The Lord's Room is a smaller tablao hosting more intimate flamenco performances.
  • Seating sections: The seating is split into multiple sections, much like a restaurant. There are rows of tables with chairs and sofas, meant to evoke the classic Cafés Cantantes.
  • Best seats: Since the space is not raked, the seats closer to the stage offer better views of the performers.

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  • Address: Pl. de la Independencia, 4, primera planta, Salamanca, 28001 Madrid, Spain
  • Bus: Lines 1, 2, 9, 15, 20, 28, 51, 52, 74, 146, N4, N5, N6, and N7 all stop at Puerta de Alcalá.
  • Metro: The nearest station is Retiro, which services line 2.
  • Parking: Patrons may park their vehicles at one of several nearby lots like Aparcamiento [P] Serrano Retiro, Parking Serrano, and Aparcamiento Villanueva, 2.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The buses offer a cost-efficient and quick way to reach the venue.

Frequently asked questions about Flamenco de Leones

How old is Flamenco de Leones?

At less than 5 years old, this tablao is a relatively newer establishment. The multipurpose space began with the opening of the Ramsés restaurant in 2007. The tablao is a recent addition, having opened in 2022.

What is the address of Flamenco de Leones?

Pl. de la Independencia, 4, primera planta, Salamanca, 28001 Madrid, Spain.

What is Flamenco de Leones named after?

Translating to "Flamenco of the Lions," this tablao’s name is meant to evoke the passion and fierceness of the earliest flamenco acts.

Has the Flamenco de Leones Show always played at the venue?

A uniquely passionate show, the Flamenco de Leones Show was curated for this venue by artistic director Jonatan Miró.

How long is the Flamenco Show at Flamenco de Leones?

The shows run for about an hour each.

How many seats are in Flamenco de Leones?

The main tablao is a smaller, intimate venue with a capacity of about 70.

What are the best seats in Flamenco de Leones?

If you’re looking for the best views of the stage, the front-most seats, closer to the middle, are the most suitable.

Does Flamenco de Leones have an elevator?

Yes, this venue has an elevator, as well as accessible seating for wheelchair users.

Are children allowed at Flamenco de Leones?

While children are allowed in the restaurant and surrounding spaces, anyone under the age of 8 is not allowed in the flamenco shows, and patrons under 18 will not be served alcohol.

What are some attractions or things to do near Flamenco de Leones?

There are several culturally and historically significant structures near this tablao, many of which are performing venues housed in older buildings. Some are not open to visitors, but you’ll still get to indulge in the city’s sights at places like Buenavista Palace, Cibeles Fountain, and, of course, the Puerta de Alcalá monument.