The EDP opened as a cinema in 1944, transforming over the years into a multipurpose entertainment and performance venue at the forefront of Gran Via's artistic history. From plays and musicals to films and concerts, the EDP Gran Via Theater is a creative force bringing the city's talent to light.

But it is more than just a performance space. The theater was the first in the district to reopen following the pandemic-infused lockdowns. It is also one of the first venues to use modern technology that converts audience energy into electric energy, making it a pioneer in the theater industry.

950 Seats

Wheelchair Accessible



Accessible Toilets

About EDP Gran Via Theater

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  • The EDP Gran Via Theater has 950 seats split across two sections: Orchestra and Mezzanine.
  • The Orchestra is split into two sections with rows stretching to the back of the auditorium. The Mezzanine is raked with the front rows curving at the ends.
  • Seats closer to the front of the Orchestra tend to offer more immersive experiences, though the front-most seats might not always be best. In the Mezzanine, seats at the front of the rows and some in the middle offer clear sightlines.
  • Front-row seats have the best legroom but this venue is generally spacious no matter which seats you choose.

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  • Address: Gran Vía, 66, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
  • Bus: The nearest stop is Santo Domingo on C. de San Bernado, which services lines 3 and 147.
  • Metro: The nearest station is Santo Domingo on Gran Via which services line 2.
  • Parking: Gran Via is a busy area, so finding parking can sometimes be difficult. A taxi is recommended, but if patrons prefer to drive down, the nearest 24-hour parking garages are Parking Saba Plaza Mostenses and Parking Isabel La Catolica.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The subway is the quickest way to reach the theater.

Frequently asked questions about EDP Gran Via Theater

How old is the EDP Gran Via Theater in Madrid?

The venue is 80 years old.

When was the EDP Gran Via Theater built?

The cinema was constructed in 1944. It formally established itself as a theater in 2004.

What was the EDP Gran Via Theater named after?

The venue first opened as the Gran Via Cinema, named after Madrid's theater district. It later came under the sponsorship of the company EDP. Its name, thus, is a mix of its roots, location, and current operator.

What is the address of the EDP Gran Via Theater?

Gran Vía, 66, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain

How do I reach the EDP Gran Via Theater?

The subway is the best way to reach the venue.

Who owns the EDP Gran Via Theater?

The venue is owned by The Smedia Group. It is currently operated in collaborated with EDP.

How many seats are in the EDP Gran Via Theater?

The venue has about 950 seats.

Are children allowed at the EDP Gran Via Theater?

Yes, children are allowed at this venue. Children under 5 enter for free and must sit in their guardians' laps.

What shows have played at the EDP Gran Via Theater?

The venue has played everything from blockbuster films to plays, musicals, dances, concerts, and more. Its current lineup includes Cut the Red Wire (Corta el Cable Rojo), Patricia Galván - Hardcore: A Monologue, The Pillars of the Earth - The Musical, and the Gran Gala Flamenco show.

Has the Gran Gala Flamenco Show always played at the EDP Gran Via Theater?

Gran Gala is an iconic and historic flamenco show that has run for decades and plays at various venues across Spain.

How long is the Gran Gala Flamenco Show at the EDP Gran Via Theater?

The show runs for about 1 hour.

What are the best seats in the EDP Gran Via Theater?

Flamenco is best viewed up close and personal. The seats in and near the fourth row at the front of the Orchestra offer an immersive experience without being so close you have to strain your neck.

Is the EDP Gran Via Theater accessible for patrons with visual, auditory, or mobility needs?

The venue has level-access and accessible seating and washrooms. It also includes spacious, comfortable seating. However, it is an older venue, so it isn't fully equipped for accessibility needs.

What should I wear to the EDP Gran Via Theater?

Smart casuals are preferred at flamenco shows.

How much do the EDP Gran Via Theater tickets cost?

Prices vary based on shows, dates, seats, season, and more. Tickets for the Teatro EDP Gran Vía Gran Gala Flamenco Show start at €49.

Does the EDP Gran Via Theater have food?

Originally a cinema, the venue is equipped with concession areas, but flamenco shows at this venue do not include food and drink options. A small bar does serve a limited menu of snacks, refreshments, and drinks.

Are there any other dining options available near the EDP Gran Via Theater?

The area serves every palate, from cuisine-based eateries like Tiki Taco San Bernardo and Kinza to tiny haunts like Zhou Yu Long and Misión Café or upscale restaurants like Nice To Meet You Restaurant & Lounge. Whatever you're in the mood for, you'll find a place that serves it.

What are some attractions or things to do near the EDP Gran Via Theater?

The theater district houses plenty of landmarks and sights to see. The Edificio la Unión y el Fénix, or the Union and Phoenix Building, is one of Madrid's first skyscrapers and is considered a historical landmark and a representation of the area's changing approach to architecture. A little distance away is the Plaza de España, a square that includes the Monumento Cervantes (Cervantes' Monument), a sculpture honoring the author of Don Quixote, as well as the Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple moved from its original location and rebuilt where it stands now.