Cepa Doble Tavern is one of the most well-known tablaos in Cordoba with a long history. The tavern is conveniently located near the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba and the famous Calleja del Panuelo. Enjoy a special evening, watching a flamenco show in a historic setting!

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Cepa Doble Tavern Flamenco Show

Cepa Doble Tavern Flamenco Show


About Cepa Doble Tavern

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  • Cepa Doble Tavern is a restaurant with two floors, so expect restaurant- style seating with arrangement with a central air-conditioned patio where flamenco shows are held.
  • The shows are intimate with space for a small group of 50 people, so it’s best to get there early and get a good table near the stage.
  • There is seating available at the bar and it provides a good angle to watch the show. 

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  • Address: C. Martínez Rucker, 9, 14003 Córdoba, Spain.
  • Bus: Take bus routes 02, 06 or 42 to get there. The closest bus stop is Glorieta Cruz Roja
  • Car: Cepa Doble Tavern is located approximately 4 kilometers away from the city center of Cordoba, which is just a 15-minute drive.
  • Parking: I you’re traveling by car, parking may be hard to find as Cepa Doble Tavern is located in the historic district minutes away from the Cordoba Mosque, one of Cordobas most popular attractions 
  • Recommended mode of transport: We suggest using buses for the easiest experience as they stop near the venue and save you the hassle of finding parking. 

Frequently asked questions about Cepa Doble Tavern

What is the address of Cepa Doble Tavern?

Cepa Doble Tavern is located in the historic Juderia quarter of Cordoba, near the Mosque-Cathedral. The exact address is C. Martinez Rucker, 9, 14003 Cordoba, Spain.

How do I reach Cepa Doble Tavern?

If you’re in the Cordoba historic district ( near the Cordoba Mosque ) Cepa Doble Tavern is easily accessible by foot. However, if you're traveling from Cordoba city center, we recommend taking the bus. 

How many seats are in Cepa Doble Tavern?

Cepa Doble Tavern has a restaurant style seating arrangement and the tavern accommodates approximately 50 guests.

Are children allowed at Cepa Doble Tavern?

Children are allowed at Cepa Doble Tavern, but it's advisable to check with the establishment for any age restrictions or specific policies.

What are the best seats in Cepa Doble Tavern?

For the best view of the Flamenco performances, aim for tables near the front, near the stage or anywhere in the open patio to enjoy the experience.

What should I wear to Cepa Doble Tavern?

While there isn't a strict dress code, consider dressing comfortably yet respectfully for the occasion, especially during evening performances.

Does Cepa Doble Tavern have food?

Yes, there is food available with your ticket to the Cepa Doble Tavern Flamenco show. You will also receive a drink and dinner. The menu, created by Chef Tomas Closa, features delicious food including dishes like Salmorejo, Flamenquin, and sweet Pastel Cordobes.

Are there any other dining options available near Cepa Doble Tavern?

Yes there are several dining options near Cepa Doble Tavern such as Taberna La Viuda, El Jardin de los Dragones, La Buganvilla, Bodegas Mezquita and more!

What are some attractions or things to do near Cepa Doble Tavern?

Cepa Doble Tavern is located in the historic district of Cordoba and is minutes away from Cordoba Mosque, one of the most famous attractions in Spain and a UNESCO world heritage site. You can also see the Calleja del Panuelo before or after your trip to Cepa Doble Tavern.