The Seville Flamenco Theater opened as the Pathé Theater in the 1920s, the city’s first purpose-built cinema whose grand opening was attended by Prince Carlos and Princess Louise. Despite a stellar early run, the cinema closed in the ‘80s, seeing only minor revivals as a disco and a television set. The tides turned in its favor soon enough, however, and the Pathé was refurbished into a multipurpose venue that now includes the Seville Flamenco Theater.

120 Seats

Wheelchair Accessible



About Seville Flamenco Theater

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  • The Seville Flamenco Theater has a capacity of 322 across the venue, but the flamenco shows accommodate about 120 people at a time.
  • The old cinema hall, complete with old-school foldable cinema seats, has been repurposed for this performance venue.
  • The seats are in a single, raked section, so you’ll have a clear sight line no matter where you sit.
  • Seats down the middle and closer to the front offer some of the best views of the stage.
  • Front-row seats tend to have more legroom and better accessibility.

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  • Address: Calle Cuna 15, 41004 Sevilla (Teatro Pathé)
  • Bus: The nearest stops are Laraña (Plaza Encarnación), servicing lines 27, 32, and A7, and Plaza del Duque (La Campana), servicing line 32.
  • Train: The Seville Santa Justa Train Station is about 30 minutes from the venue and is a major hub servicing various parts of the city.
  • Tram: The nearest stop is Plaza Nueva which services the T1 line.
  • Parking: This venue does not have parking space. Patrons may park at nearby garages like Entrada de Parking, Parking Imagen, Aparcamiento Sevilla, and others.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The bus system is the best way to reach the theater. The trams are quicker, but the stops are further away.

Frequently asked questions about Seville Flamenco Theater

How old is the Seville Flamenco Theater?

The original cinema building is over 100 years old, while the flamenco theater was built 3 years ago.

When was the Seville Flamenco Theater built?

The cinema was constructed in 1925, and the flamenco theater opened in 2021.

Is the Seville Flamenco Theater the same as The Pathé?

The Pathé is a 1920s cinema that was refurbished from the ‘80s through the early 2000s, culminating in a multipurpose venue. The former cinema hall now doubles as the flamenco theater.

What is the address of the Seville Flamenco Theater?

Calle Cuna 15, 41004 Sevilla (Teatro Pathé).

How do I reach the Seville Flamenco Theater?

The bus will get you within walking distance of the theater.

How many seats are in the Seville Flamenco Theater?

The theater has a capacity of about 120.

Are children allowed at the Seville Flamenco Theater?

Patrons of all ages are welcome.

What shows have played at the Seville Flamenco Theater?

The Pathé began its run with Harold Lloyd’s films as part of a deal. Renamed Quintero Theater in 2006, it hosted local and international television productions. Its foray into theater was cemented with musicals like Encanto and The Little Mermaid and it now regularly runs the Passion Flamenco Show.

Has the Passion Show always played at the Seville Flamenco Theater?

The Passion Show is an exclusive production that plays at this venue.

How long is the Flamenco Show at the Seville Flamenco Theater?

The shows run for an hour.

What are the best seats in the Seville Flamenco Theater?

Seats toward the middle and closer to the front offer better stage views.

What should I wear to the Seville Flamenco Theater?

The theater does not enforce a strict dress code, but smart casuals are preferred.

How much do the Seville Flamenco Theater tickets cost?

Prices at this venue vary based on show, seating, and season. Tickets to the Passion Show at this venue start at €25.

What are some attractions or things to do near the Seville Flamenco Theater?

The Old Town is an explorer’s delight. Check out the historical Arabic-style 16th-century Palace of the Countess of Lebrija, the archeological museum Antiquarium, and the wooden sculpture at Las Setas. The surrounding areas are also hubs for shoppers and collectors.