Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy is where the Andalusian art form and a love for innovative cuisine blend seamlessly. Over the last year, the venue has hosted daily flamenco shows across the rooms in its space, paired with local cuisine and options for patrons with varying dietary needs and preferences.

Its performance cycle features five to six singers, guitarists, and dancers who deliver a larger-than-life act in intimate settings, paired with essential elements of different types of flamenco. The Alegría Flamenco Show is one-of-a-kind - and so is the food that goes with it!

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About Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy

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Popular productions
  • Alegria Flamenco and Gastronomy is a venue that offers a dinner and a show experience. The space includes 3 event halls for social and corporate events stretching across a restaurant, terrace, lounge, and two private rooms with a total capacity of about 130.
  • The Dining Room has a main and a private room, with a capacity of about 60. The Outdoor Terrace can hold about 70 people.
  • The main event hall includes a small, intimate stage with rows of single-seat chairs and a rear section for the dining experience.
  • The Orchestra is split into two sections with rows stretching to the back of the auditorium. The Mezzanine is raked with the front rows curving at the ends.
  • Seats closer to the front of the Orchestra tend to offer more immersive experiences, though the front-most seats might not always be best. In the Mezzanine, seats at the front of the rows and some in the middle offer clear sightlines.
  • Front-row seats have the best legroom but this venue is generally spacious no matter which seats you choose.

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  • Address: C. Vélez Málaga, 6, Málaga-Este, 29016 Málaga, Spain
  • Bus: The nearest stops are Paseo Maritimo Ciudad de Melilla - Plaza Malagueta and Paseo de la Farola - Comandancia de Marina which service lines 14 and 40. The Paseo de los Curas, 8 minutes away, services lines 40, M-163, and M-168.
  • Train: The Malaga Centro Alameda station servicing the larger city center.
  • Ferry: The Malaga Port services the Naviera Armas 367 ferry.
  • Parking: The venue has parking facilities. Streetside parking is also available. If you can't find a spot, however, try Parking Cervantes, just 5 minutes away.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The city's buses are a quick and comfortable way to get around.

Frequently asked questions about Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy

How old is Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy in Malaga?

The venue is a year old.

When was Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy built?

The structure is an older historical building, but it began its daily flamenco shows in 2023.

What was Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy named after?

The word "Alegría" means happiness and several Spanish establishments and locations are named for it. This venue is named for its blend of the art of flamenco with a love for food.

What is the address of Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

C. Vélez Málaga, 6, Málaga-Este, 29016 Málaga, Spain.

How do I reach Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

Buses stop closest to the venue, but there are also train and ferry stations nearby. There is also parking for patrons who choose to drive.

Who owns Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

The venue is owned by Miguel Moreno Riojas.

How many seats are in Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

The venue can accommodate about 130 people across its event halls and spaces.

Is Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy accessible for patrons with visual, auditory, or mobility needs?

The venue is wheelchair-accessible. It does not offer visual or hearing aids.

Are children allowed at Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

Children are welcome at this venue. The restaurant offers a menu for children, is pram and stroller accessible, offers infant seats, and allows children at the flamenco shows.

What shows have played at Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

The venue has a daily flamenco cycle called the Alegría Flamenco Show.

Has the Alegría Flamenco Show always played at Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

The venue started daily flamenco shows in 2023 and currently stages the Alegría Flamenco Show, which features a changing lineup of five to six performers.

How long is the Gran Gala Flamenco Show at Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

The show runs for an hour.

What are the best seats in Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

The venue is small and intimate, so it's hard to find yourself in a bad seat. But with flamenco shows, the closer you are to the stage, the better.

What should I wear to Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

Flamenco shows don't enforce a strict dress code, but they prefer smart casuals.

How much do Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy tickets cost?

Prices vary based on shows, dates, seats, season, and more. Tickets for the Alegría Flamenco Show start at €28.

Does Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy have food?

As the name suggests, food is a specialty at this venue.

Are there any other dining options available near Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

The area is home to a variety of restaurants and eateries, though the ones we'd recommend are by the harbor. This includes places serving local fare, like TORO, multi-cuisine spaces like Amigos Grill or Trocadero Casa de Botes, and unique eateries with novel menu items like La Sole del Pimpi.

What are some attractions or things to do near Alegría Flamenco and Gastronomy?

The theater is located near tourist attractions like The Lighthouse of Malaga, the Malaga Museum, and the Monument of Cánovas Del Castillo, but is also notable for its proximity to urban sights like the Playa la Malagueta public beach, the Mirador de la Coracha viewpoint, the Malaga Park botanical gardens, and the Palmeral de Las Sorpresas, a promenade lined with public art.