Widely regarded as the first flamenco theater in the world, the Flamenco Theater in Madrid is located in the Malasaña neighborhood. The social and cultural hub boasts a vibrant history and is popular with younger crowds. The theater is housed within the equally historic multi-purpose venue, Alfil Theater, and is a short distance from Gran Via, Madrid's answer to Broadway.

Sitting at the heart of Madrid and flamenco, the Flamenco Theater Madrid has seen it all. Much like the Andalusian art of flamenco, the venue welcomes all, regardless of where you hail from or what your story is.

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About Flamenco Theater Madrid

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  • The Flamenco Theater Madrid has a flexible seating arrangement. The seats can be moved around for each show to ensure an immersive experience, no matter the format.
  • The daily shows usually split seating into two sections: VIP and Regular. The VIP section includes four rows of reserved seating for patrons who have chosen the dining experience. The rear section features regular seating.
  • The VIP section offers the best views, particularly for smaller, more intimate shows. The rear seats offer decent views at more affordable rates. There are no major sightline restrictions in either section, so choosing a seat depends on which show you're watching.
  • The VIP section has more space and legroom.

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  • Address: C. del Pez, 10, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain
  • Bus: The nearest stop is Corredera which services line 002. Lines 1, 2, 40, and 146 also stop near the venue.
  • Metro: The nearest stations are Callao which services lines 3 and 5, Novitiate for line 2, and Tribunal for lines 1 and 10.
  • Car: The venue is in a busy area and a low-emission zone that only permits vehicles with an environmental badge. Those with the right permits may enter and park in a nearby garage, like Pizarro Garage, Luna Garage, SAMA, and Margarita Gutiérrez Fdz. Street parking is also available during specific hours, regulated by parking meters.
  • Recommended mode of transport: We recommend public transport for the most seamless experience. Buses stop closest to the venue, while the subways are a quicker way to get there.

Frequently asked questions about Flamenco Theater Madrid

How old is the Flamenco Theater Madrid?

The building is 74 years old. The venue is 8 years old.

When was Flamenco Theater Madrid built?

The building was constructed in 1950, reconstructed in 1999, and had a section dedicated for flamenco in 2017.

Is Flamenco Theater Madrid the same as the Alfil Theater?

The venue is housed within the Alfil, with the latter being constructed as a multi-purpose venue that became an integral part of the local culture and arts scene.

What is the address of Flamenco Theater Madrid?

C. del Pez, 10, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain

How do I reach Flamenco Theater Madrid?

The subway or bus are the best ways to reach the venue.

Who owns Flamenco Theater Madrid?

The venue is owned by The Yllana Company.

How many seats are in Flamenco Theater Madrid?

The Alfil has a larger capacity, but the flamenco venue holds about 50-100 people, depending on the show.

Are children allowed at Flamenco Theater Madrid?

Patrons of all ages are permitted at this venue.

Does Flamenco Theater Madrid have an elevator?

The venue has no elevators.

What shows have played at Flamenco Theater Madrid?

The venue has daily flamenco shows including specific shows on Sundays and Mondays, flamenco and dining experiences, festive season specials, and its most notable flamenco cycle, Emotions.

Has the Emotions - Flamenco Show always played at Flamenco Theater Madrid?

Emotions, or Emociones, is a flamenco show featuring a rotating roster of artists. Its previous iteration was reworked by creative director and flamenco performer Ángel Rojas for its run at this venue.

How long is Emotions - Flamenco Show at Flamenco Theater Madrid?

The show runs for about 1 hour.

What are the best seats in Flamenco Theater Madrid?

The closer you are to a flamenco stage, the better. At this venue, the seats in front of the stage are VIP ones with a dining experience.

What should I wear to Flamenco Theater Madrid?

Smart casuals or formals are preferred.

How much do Flamenco Theater Madrid tickets cost?

Prices at this venue vary between shows and ticket option selected.

Does Flamenco Theater Madrid have food?

The VIP section offers a dining experience that includes dinner and drinks.

Are there any other dining options available near Flamenco Theater Madrid?

As a cultural hub, Malasaña has plenty of nearby dining options. This includes local eateries like Pez Tortilla, international cuisine options like Toy Panda and Ojalá, and multi-cuisine spaces like Lamucca de Pez.

What are some attractions or things to do near Flamenco Theater Madrid?

Malasaña was named for 17-year-old Manuela who was executed during the 1808 uprising and for whom the theater street La Calle Manuela Malasaña was named. The area is filled with odes to those who fought for Spanish independence, such as the Plaza del Dos de Mayo. Other historical structures in the area include the Museum of History of Madrid, one of the remaining works of Baroque architect Pedro de Ribera that houses Madrid's history dating back to the 1500s.