Located in Plaza Nueva, La Alboreá is centrally located and accessible by foot from anywhere in the old town of Sacromonte, or the "holy mountain." An area with a rich history and culture, largely drawn from the Romani groups that inhabit it, Sacromente is most widely known for its vibrant flamenco shows performed at the hillside cave venues.

La Alboreá, in particular, has earned a reputation for its unique and authentic flamenco shows. Its focus on retaining the traditional spirit of the art led to the venue favoring natural acoustics over state-of-the-art sound technology. The performers are also often notably from well-known families of Sacramento with a long lineage of performers before them. The tablao has hosted flamenco greats like Trini de la Isla, Alicia Morales, Lucía 'La Piñona', El Choro, Pol Vaquero, Lola Pérez, and many more, cementing itself as an indispensable part of Granada's flamenco legacy.

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La Alboreá Flamenco Show

La Alboreá Flamenco Show


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  • Seating capacity: The tablao has a capacity of 70 people split across a central tiered seating area, a smaller section of seats on a raised side platform, and a reserved balcony section that slightly overhangs the last row.
  • Standard seats: The seats are standard folding wooden or metal chairs with seating cushions, common across traditional tablaos.
  • Intimate setting: Since this is a smaller venue with a limited capacity, you'll rarely find yourself in a bad seat. That said, with flamenco shows, the closer you are to the action, the better.
  • Accessibility: The entire space is tiered, but the front row has step-free access with wheelchair-accessible seating available for patrons who require it.

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  • Address: C. Pan, 3, Albaicín, 18010 Granada, Spain
  • Bus: The nearest stop is Plaza Nueva, just a minute away, which services lines C31, C32, and C34. Multiple stops near the Catedral de Granada on Calle Gran Vía de Colón cover lines ALSA - Gran-Aero, 0245, 4, 8, 11, 23, 33, and 111.
  • Tram: The Recogidas station is within 20 minutes from the tablao and services line 1.
  • Parking: This tablao does not have a parking lot but there are plenty of garages nearby. Multiple lots for bikes are within walking distance along Carrera del Darro. The nearest 24-hour paid car park is San Agustín.
  • Recommended mode of transport: The area is walkable and easy to navigate and we recommend using the bus to get around with ease.

Frequently asked questions about La Alboreá

How old is La Alboreá?

The tablao has operated in the area for nearly a decade, though flamenco has been performed at Sacramento for far longer.

What is La Alboreá named after?

Located in an old quarter of the city, this tablao draws its name from the Castillian word for "dawn." Alboreá is notably a traditional singing style thought to bring bad luck if performed anywhere but at a Romani wedding. While this tablao does not perform the style, it honors the storied Romani legacy that birthed the modern flamenco with its name.

What is the address of La Alboreá?

The tablao is located at Calle Pan, 3, Albaicín, 18010 Granada, Spain.

How do I reach La Alboreá?

The area is entirely walkable and easy to reach from any part of the old city.

How many seats are in La Alboreá?

With a total capacity of 70, this tablao can accommodate only a smaller group at a time. It has seating in the main section in front of the stage and along the side on a raised platform. Both sections are tiered, with accessible seating in the front. There is additionally one reserved balcony which can be booked for a more private experience.

How long is the La Alboreá Flamenco Show?

Shows at this tablao run for 1 hour each, three times each evening running till late night.

How much do the La Alboreá Flamenco Show tickets cost?

Prices may differ based on dates and shows, and some tickets come with additional options like dinner or drinks. Tickets to the La Alboreá Flamenco Show start at €20.

Are children allowed at La Alboreá?

Patrons of all ages are welcome at this tablao. Children under 3 may enter for free and we recommend patrons confirm with the venue before purchasing tickets as the prices may vary across shows.

What are some attractions or things to do near La Alboreá?

Sacramento is as stunning as it is historic and is a wonderfully accessible space despite being on a hill. Near La Alboreá you'll find several old houses built directly into the hillside, a sight to behold. The area is popular for its hiking and bike trails, some of which take you off the beaten path. For history buffs, the Sacromonte Abbey is a must, as it features some relics that tell the tale of this wonderful quarter. Additionally, the Palacio de la Madraza (a 1300s school turned cultural center) and the Catedral de Granada (a Renaissance cathedral that includes a 1500s Catholic mausoleum) are some of the most gorgeous sights in the area.